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I’m Rahul. I’m a software testing professional, blogger, speaker, and author based out of Jaipur, India.

I have been mostly working on software testing for web, desktop, API & mobile-related stuff for the last 6 years. Occasionally, I also get involved with paid/volunteer projects related to the software testing community and technical writing. If you are here, I believe you have already checked out my homepage. If not, please check out my homepage to get some idea about my work.

In the past, I was associated with Capgemini as an Associate Consultant (2016-2019). Currently, I am working with ifm engineering as a Test Specialist. Sometimes, I also create testing-related mindmaps and share them through my blog posts, Twitter feed, and LinkedIn posts.

I like knowledge sharing at conferences about software testing and other engineering-related stuff. I have also given talks at some international testing conferences. Big fan of participating in testing contests and learning from my peers.

If you’d like to get in touch with me about my work, any of the topics on the blog, or any conference/work related collaboration, feel free to email me at or talk to me by booking my calendar on Calendly. I’m generally always up for connecting with like-minded folks.

Rahul Parwal
Software Tester