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  1. Ultimate Productivity Toolkit
  2. Testing Foundations
  3. Bug Advocacy
  4. Heuristics for Effective Public Speaking
  5. F.O.U.R. Years
  6. 50+ Lessons from 50 Books
  7. TestFlix 2020 Summary Book
  8. FailQonf 2021 Summary Book
  9. HBR – A Bold Experiment
  10. Challenges in Test Automation
  11. Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester (Contributor)

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Rahul Parwal

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Rahul Parwal is an Expert Software Tester. He is a recipient of the prestigious Jerry Weinberg Testing Excellence Award

Rahul is an avid reader, blogger, and conference speaker who likes to share his thoughts on various social media platforms. Recently, he has also been inducted as a LambdaTest Spartan, & a Browserstack Champion for his work in the field of software testing. Presently, he works as a Senior Software Engineer with ifm engineering in India. 

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Things are the way they are, because they got that way. – Jerry Weinberg