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  1. Ultimate Productivity Toolkit
  2. Testing Foundations
  3. Bug Advocacy
  4. Heuristics for Effective Public Speaking
  5. F.O.U.R. Years
  6. 50+ Lessons from 50 Books
  7. TestFlix 2020 Summary Book
  8. FailQonf 2021 Summary Book
  9. HBR – A Bold Experiment
  10. Challenges in Test Automation
  11. Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester (Contributor)

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Rahul Parwal

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Rahul Parwal is an Expert Software Tester. He is a recipient of the prestigious Jerry Weinberg Testing Excellence Award

Rahul is an avid reader, blogger, and conference speaker who likes to share his thoughts on various platforms. He is a mind mapping enthusiast and also one of the official Xmind Ambassadors. Recently, he has been inducted as a LambdaTest Spartan, & a Browserstack Champion for his work in the field of testing. He works with ifm engineering. 

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Things are the way they are, because they got that way. – Jerry Weinberg