Experience: askui – Test Innovation Challenge

askui organized its first-ever hackathon on 24th September 2022. The theme of the challenge was #innovation. The hackathon challenge duration was 10 hours. I just completed the hackathon challenge 2 hours ago and thought to pen down my experience with the hackathon before I head back to my weekend.

What was great?

  • The event was well managed. Everything was documented well in advance. askui Hackathon
  • The winning criteria were defined and shared well in advance.
  • The opening kickstart session with judges gave some excellent positive vibes along with tips to excel in this challenge.
  • The dev team / support was great! They were available throughout the 10 hours and provided prompt responses and suggestions for working around with typical issues and errors.
  • Availability of tools before the event to get familiar with basic tool APIs.
  • Prompt answers from the askui team on discord queries, and issues.
  • askui tool offers a totally different model of automation and I see great potential in this tool where most other tools will easily fail. It feels like an electric car in the age-old era of petrol cars.
  • Fab collaboration and great mutual understanding with my hackathon partner, Bharath Muddada.

What did I learn?

  • New tool: askui
  • Basic Scripting in a new language: Javascript / Typescript
  • Practical work with async / await methods
  • Creating & Editing a quick readme file for my test solution
  • Command Line tools & shortcuts for quick work.
  • Automation via an OCR-based tool
  • JEST Framework Basics & Writing a few tests using jest.
  • Live collaboration with an absolute new partner during the hackathon. Yes, I didn’t know much about him before this challenge. Till now, I had only collaborated with known partners 🙂
  • Leveraging automation tools for easing day-to-day tasks beyond test execution.

What do I look forward to?

  • Exploring askui for some crazy automation scenarios. askui – Humanizing UI Automation
  • Exploring JS / TS & jest in the coming months.
  • Extending the tool that I developed as part of the askui hackathon. I see some potential in it 🙂 parwalrahul/Testistant-askuihackathon (github.com)
  • Results & Feedback from the judges 🙂
  • More such hackathons and participations. I feel super energetic whenever I participate in such events.

Bye! Signing off for today 🙂

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

Update (13 Oct 2022): We won the first prize in this contest.

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