Uses This

Last Updated: 11 August 2022

Inspired by Uses This & Manas Saloi, the tools, services, and techniques I’m using to get things done and be productive.

Rahul Parwal



  • XMind 2022: Favourite Mindmapping Tool
  • 7Zip: Unzipping & Zipping Tool
  • Audacity: For editing, and enhancing an audio recording
  • AutoHotKey: Text Expander & Scripting Tool for Windows
  • Dropbox: Data at my fingertips
  • Evernote: Fav Note-Taking App (It’s Powerful!)
  • Everything: Helps me search anything on my PC quickly
  • Microsoft Edge: Powerful than Google Chrome. I am using it for the last 1 year now.
  • Krisp: Tool for removing noise from calls
  • Telegram & Slack Desktop App: For chatting in the communities.
  • Canva Desktop App: For things around content posters, flyers, design ideas, etc.
  • Clipchamp: For Video Editing, Recording, & Captioning.

There are other small browser extension tools that I use. You can find it here: My Personalized Toolkit (Desktop Installable)

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