What the hell is my problem with the term, “manual” testing?

My real problem with “manual/automation testing” is not from the use of the word “manual” or “automation” but the confusion and noise that it introduces around testing to be some kind of test execution process, which it is not. It’s a defocusing term that swiftly shifts the focus from testing craft to test execution mode. …

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Good Tester Developer Relationship

This was the topic of discussion for the Automation Advocates Virtual Coffee Meetup # 1. We all shared our views on the importance of a good tester developer relationship and the tips, traps, and possibilities on this topic. Key points were added by: Anindita Rath Gaurav Khurana Apoorva Tiwari Mahathee Dandibhotla Fenil Vaswani Ankita Basu Jonas Menesklou Martin Taubert Dhanashree Awadhani Some of …

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Are Biases Influencing your Test Results?

Testing is driven by Human Judgements, Observations, Analysis, Heuristics & Biases. However, like in any other field, Biases and prejudices can be very risky for Testing. It’s good to know about them in advance and develop a questioning / investigative attitude whenever you feel you are getting biased. I have seen poor products that have come for testing …

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