Peer Power – Importance of Accountability Partner

My learning & growth journey has been helped by some really good accountability partners. Their influence on me has kept me motivated and on track, and I’ve learned a lot from them and with them. An accountability partner can be anyone who is interested in either co-learning, co-creating, or collaborating with you to meet some …

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Good Tester Developer Relationship

This was the topic of discussion for the Automation Advocates Virtual Coffee Meetup # 1. We all shared our views on the importance of a good tester developer relationship and the tips, traps, and possibilities on this topic. Key points were added by: Anindita Rath Gaurav Khurana Apoorva Tiwari Mahathee Dandibhotla Fenil Vaswani Ankita Basu Jonas Menesklou Martin Taubert Dhanashree Awadhani Some of …

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