Month: March 2022

Info about Info

Some Common Information related Questions that I see in Testing Community Forums (Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) on a regular basis: I need some information about <Tool/Technology/Company Name>, Can someone please help here? Does anyone have some information about <Tool/Technology/Company Name>? Can anyone help me with <Tool/Technology Name>? Anyone with experience in <Tool/Technology Name>? I know most people put …

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Consideration for Designing a Test Automation Framework

Some days back, In the Test Chat Community, we were discussing, “What should be the considerations for designing a Test Automation Framework?” Amuthan Sakthivel (Testing Mini Bytes) shared some nice points. I extended some of the points based on my experience with Automation Framework Development. So, Here is the summary of that entire discussion: Web View:

Expectations from Software Professionals

I recently watched an amazing video on this topic on YouTube by Uncle Bob. Most of the points made complete sense. Although this video was addressed for developers, it is quite relevant for testers too. We need professionals (and professionalism) in our field in order to be taken seriously as a craftsman. Although, most of us believe that …

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My 10 Favourite Learning Resources on Testing :)

The industry is filled with so many learning resources on Testing & Automation but some really stand out. Here you go! 🧵🧵  (1/10) TestingEducation.Org Courses by @DrCemKaner and @jamesmarcusbach Courses for FREE on:– Testing Foundations– Bug Advocacy– Test Design– Exploratory Testing URL: Testing Foundations“In this booklet, Rahul has put together a tantalizing glimpse of some of the content of Testing …

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7 Testing Communities from where I learn new stuff in 2024

Software testing communities, are the unsung heroes of the testing world, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and constantly striving for uplifting the testing game. 🚀🚀 Originally posted as a Twitter thread by me in 2022, Posting it here for later reference as tweets are sometimes hard to track back after a long time …

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