I am a Beginner, How to find a Job in Testing?

Common Questions that I hear (at least once every week):

  • How to start my career in software testing?
  • I have done a manual testing course on software testing, now what?
  • I am a fresher, can you help/refer me?
  • I have x months of experience in manual testing. Can you help me find a job?
  • After doing a course in BBST / ISTQB / Automation. How can I find a job?
  • Please refer me to your company. Is there an opening in your organization?

and many more…

1: Relax, Everyone Faces This

As a software tester, you’re not alone in encountering common questions about how to start or advance your career. Whether it’s starting out as a fresher, or looking to move beyond manual testing, these concerns are faced by many in the field. Don’t worry, there are solutions.

I am sure by now you already know about all the job portals, groups, LinkedIn profiles, naukri.com, freelancers, etc.

I will not waste your time by re-iterating the same. However, I would like to share practical advice on how to impress someone who might be in a hiring position and get opportunities at your door instead of you knocking at random doors every day.

2: Sharpen Your Skills Every Day

The best way to impress a potential employer is to show your skills in action.

  • Start Testing! – There is no shortcut here 🙂
  • Take any app/tool and write your observations (experience report) on them.
  • Blog about it.
  • Publish it on Linkedin / Twitter.
  • If you want a reference on reports, look out for work by Michael Bolton.
  • If you want a reference on how to test any app, look out for the work by Sam Connely.
  • Test things in & out.
  • Document everything that you see.
  • If they are open source tools/apps, raise bugs or change requests.
  • If they are not, look for a way to communicate this information to the actual team.
  • Help them improve F.T.U.E. (First Time User Experience).
  • Fill in their missing documentation gaps.
  • Add some unit tests if you know how to code.
  • Search on YouTube / Google for Testing Conferences and you will find many more relevant tips to excel at this craft. (Of course, at zero cost)
  • Record videos of your testing and upload them on YouTube. It’s fine if no one sees them, but it’s important for you to self-reflect on your work.

3: Network

Participate in testing communities, attend testing conferences, and engage with other professionals in the field. This will not only help you grow your skills, but it will also help you establish connections for future opportunities.

4: Portfolio and Share in Communities

A strong portfolio can be more valuable than a high salary or prestigious job title. Continue to build your portfolio, even after you secure a job, and share it in relevant communities. Your portfolio will speak louder than your resume and will set you apart from the competition.

It’s very hard to find really good testers who can really do some good testing. There is nothing more attractive to a hiring manager than a candidate who can display their work/portfolio.

  • You will soon attract people who would want to hire you.
  • Continue building a portfolio even after you get a job, You never know when will you need one again 🙂
  • Your one portfolio would put you ahead of 1000 resumes.
  • In today’s knowledge economy, the value of your portfolio is more than having a lavish salary/job.
  • Be active, Create the world that you want to create for yourself instead of waiting for others to help you. Trust me, In most cases, you will get no or negative (disguised as positive) help.
  • Doing is better than waiting for guidance.
  • Showing (work) is better than telling (that you can do work).
  • You will attract mentorship, direction, and guidance once you do some real work instead of cold messaging.
  • If you are a hard-working person, you can start from absolute zero and create the world of your dreams soon.

5: Resources

If you feel you need to brush up on your testing skills before you begin, consider studying the free learning material available here: How to Learn Testing in 20 Days? – Testing Titbits – Rahul Parwal.

Also, Check out open jobs on ifm’s Job Portal; Read JD carefully and apply: https://bit.ly/ifmopenings.

6: Contact Me

If you have any additional questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help you reach your testing goals. Happy testing!

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