Personal Tips: How to improve skills and grow in your career?

Someone asked me this question today. Although, I feel I am still too small for giving such advice. However, based on my experience in the industry, some things have helped me more than others, I would try to share that here:

  1. I have learned a lot from my mentor, Ajay Balamurugadas. Have such mentors. Also, remember that you never choose your mentors, Your mentors choose you 🙂
  2. Passion for reading and writing helps.
  3. Compounding works in skills too. Practice them often 🙂
  4. Add value to whatever you do.
  5. Consistency is the key.
  6. To double your earnings, Triple your learning. – Robin Sharma.
  7. Help solve your manager’s and customers’ pain points.
  8. Know the A-Z of How to add value to your organization.
  9. Be Great at Communication (Oral, Written, Non-Verbal) Or Cut short your career by Half. Of course, Like any other skill, it is learnable too 🙂
  10. Present Often – Meetups, Tech Standups, Conferences, Team Sessions, etc. Don’t miss any opportunity. Know the Heuristics for Effective Presentations.
  11. We first shape our habits, and then our habits shape us. Most Influential Testers have some common traits (habits). Check out 7 such essential traits here.
  12. Embrace Peer Power – Have an Accountability Partner.
  13. Be a Buccanner Scholar
  14. Have a personalized toolkit – Small tools sometimes solve big problems & saves a lot of time. Don’t take tools for granted. Think beyond Selenium, Appium, xyzium when thinking of tools.
  15. Master Note Taking, Learn Touch Typing.

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