Tips to Fastrack as an Automation Engineer

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  • Think on the lines of adding value. What value are you adding?
  • Think about what problem needs to be solved? Is there a better way?
  • Learn & Improve on Documentation.
  • Any Tool, API, or Framework is as good as its documentation. How fast can others onboard it?
  • Learn Design Patterns.
  • Good naming conventions.
  • Readable Code.
  • Volunteer to peer review someone’s code.
  • Get your code reviewed.
  • Learn from others and their experiences.
  • Watch Dev Conference videos, Search for “test” there, and you will get some golden nuggets. I did that for “dotnet” conference.
  • Create projects and upload them on Github
  • Think of small utilities that can help you with testing.
  • Automation is not just about selenium, appium, xyzium. Think beyond that!

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