#21Days21Tips – Testing Tips Collection (2022)

I participated in the #21Days21Tips by The Test Chat Community couple of weeks back. It was a nice initiative where community members posted tips from their experience in testing. By the end, this has resulted in a compilation of crowdsourced testing ideas/tips.

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Here are my 21 Tips for Testers (2022 Edition):

#Day1: No matter how it looks at first, it’s always a people’s problem. – Jerry Weinberg
Understanding people and how to work with them will be a key factor to your success in Testing & Beyond!

#Day2: Testability is a hidden power for Testers/Testing. Ask for it! Discuss it!
Learn about various aspects of Testability! If you don’t ask, you might never get it. If you ask, you may get it. If not now, then later. Just ask 🙂

#Day3: Learning Material is nothing, (Practical) Learning is everything.
Don’t keep hoarding learning materials, courses, bookmarking webpages, etc. Focus on learning and deliberate practice. Understand and dive deep into your context.

#Day4: Say No to Say Yes It’s always a tradeoff.
The more we go in one direction, the far we go from the other. Know the mission and purpose of your testing.
Plan your actions to reach that goal. Everything else can probably wait 🙂

#Day5: Heuristics are a “fallible” way of solving a problem.
Testing is driven by Heuristics. Heuristics are a great source for test ideas. Learn them 🙂

#Day6: Use “Google” wherever feasible instead of bothering others for general information that can be uncovered with one google search.
Valuing the time of others will help you build mutual respect. @lmgtfy is an awesome tool to teach googling btw.

#Day7: Don’t “overestimate” the power of your memory.
Take notes 🙂 Will help you stay organized and ready!

#Day8: “Practice” Testing outside your job.
One thing that separates Professionals from Amateur is the hours of “Practice” that they do to improve. Testathons, Bugathons, etc. are great places to practice testing.

#Day9: “Automation” != Code Writing (Always).
You can automate with nocode tools too. @getpostman is one such popular no-code tool. The end goal should be problem-solving, not coding.

#Day10: “Not yet” >>> “No” The later reflects a fact.
While the former reflects your attitude and intentions. Use words wisely 🙂
Have I thought of tomorrow’s tip? Not yet

#Day11: Tough times never last, Tough people do. Learn to be your own cheerleader 🙂
It is the toughest moments that eventually shape our future. Life may seem unfair at times, but it’s unfair to all, and that eventually makes it fair 🙂

#Day12: Answer / Ask NLQ NLQ – Next Logical Question
Make it easy for people to communicate with you. Poor communication skills will damage your credibility in the long run.
Think twice before answering/asking any question, is there an NLQ left?

#Day13: Network Well Your network is your net worth 🙂
Communities are an awesome place to network with like-minded people. Attend meet-ups, Sessions, etc. Engage meaningfully 🙂

#Day14: Be Consistent
Inconsistency is a bigger problem compared to things being hard/tough/difficult.
Only consistency can give you a compounding effect in your career 🙂 Compounding is the 8th wonder, achieve it through consistency.

#Day15: Unpopular Tip: Health is Wealth!
Having learned this lesson very late and the hard way, this is one piece of advice that I always share with beginners.
Treat your time and health like your wealth 🙂 Invest wisely! Stay Healthy!

#Day16: Learn the Secrets of Consulting
No matter what role you are in, you would most likely deal with (consult) people.
Ex: Customers, colleagues, mentees, etc. Secrets of Consulting will help you be influential and a master of human interaction.

#Day17: Multitasking = Productivity Killer
It can drain you mentally as well as physically. Don’t rush multiple things together. Plan your day well, Avoid multitasking.

#Day18: Learn to distinguish between Testing and Automation.
Both are different and valuable skills. Automation can be an amazing aid to Testing if used wisely.
However, Automation != Testing, Testing != Automation

#Day19: Test beyond the obvious. Test to Sell 🙂
Think on these lines while testing: Requirements, Desirements, Standard Compliances, Accessibility, Performance, Security, UX, Usability, UI, Design, Consistency, Claims, User Personas, etc.

#Day20: Look beyond Test Case result.
“Is there a problem here?” is a better question than how many tests passed/failed?
If there is a problem, it doesn’t matter whether the test passed or failed.

#Day21: Create a Right Environment for yourself.
Know what works for you. Everyone has a specific style of working. Identifying your style.
Surround yourself with empowering people, thoughts, ideas 🙂 Grow exponentially.

Signing Off!

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  1. These 21 tips of 21 days helps for life time… Not just testing, these tips are cross-functional… Helps in many fields/processes if adapted in right spirit…

    Thank you Rahul for sharing insightful thoughts which are practicle “do-able”…

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