Common Software Errors – Checklist

I have been referring to this fantastic resource for a couple of years. It’s the Common Software Errors Appendix on Testing Computer Software by Dr. Cem Kaner. Appendix : Common Software Errors (

I have often referred this to my friends but this 89-page document often appears to be a long read for most people. Now, I have decided to convert this into a checklist for me or anyone who wants to leverage the power of these common software errors to assist their testing.

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Disclaimer: All credits for these points go to Dr. Cem Kaner. I have just converted them to checklist pointers for quick use.

Pro Tip: The webpage will save the status of the checklist until you reset the page cache or a timeout happens (180 days). So, you can use this as a workbook too.

Functionality Errors

Misleading Info Errors

Common Display Bugs

Inconsistency Bugs

Menu Bugs

Disaster Prevention Bugs

User Tailorability Bugs

Error Prevention Bugs

Boundary Bugs

Initial & Later States

Looping Bugs

Switch Case Bugs

Missing Bugs

Poor Reporting Bugs

Finding Wrong Bugs

Information Miss Errors

Help Text & Error Messages

Display Layout Bugs

Time Waster Bugs

State Transition Bugs

Misc. Nuances

Performance Bugs

Error Detection Bugs

Calculation Bugs

Program Stops

If Else Related Bugs

Hardware Bugs

Version, ID Related Bugs

Poor Tracking or Follow Up Bugs

Happy Testing & Happy Bug Hunting!

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