Soft Skills required to be a Complete Software Tester

Initially created as a Twitter thread. Thought to preserve this as a blogpost version.

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Let’s Have a Look 🙂


1) They don’t hesitate to ask questions 🙂

That’s the way to success! 

2) They don’t give excuses like:

– I don’t know how this works
– No way to test this feature
– Developer coded it incorrectly
– Other testers on my team missed the bug
– I can’t code 

3) They know how to tell their Testing Story 🙂

They help stakeholders understand the testing story rather than cribbing over things like, stakeholders don’t understand testing. 

4) They know how to do Time Management:

– Know your priorities
– Keep a To-Do List
– Ask for Help
– Take Advantage of your Energy Levels
– Adjust your Environment
– Minimize Interruptions
– Use Quiet Time for Deep Work 

5) They know how to be seen!

– Tell
– Show
– Teach
– Lead 

6) The know, how to train their developers:

– Using Good Work Habits
– Clear Communication 

7) They know how to get organized for testing success:

– Avoid reinventing the wheel
– Be consistent with Naming & Filing For more such tips, go and read the complete software tester by @KristinJackvony

I read (read “skimmed through”) this one today, via @ClubHbr and @ajay184f

Need to read the complete book this week now! 

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