Top 10 tools that I use daily to make my lifeย easy.

Originally, posted as a Twitter thread, thought to post it as a blog as this would be a good reference for the future too ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding the right tool comes after a huge hidden cost of evaluation, learning, and experimentation.

Here you go!


(1/10) #XMind 2021 by @xmind

โ€“ Ultimate Mindmapping Software
โ€“ Makes it easy to take notes, Visualize concepts
โ€“ Presentations (Pitch Mode) ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Free / Evaluation Mode is also available.

Tool Link:

Tool Overview: What the Product: #3 โ€“ XMind 2021

(2/10) #Vimium Browser Extension

โ€“ Makes navigation fun & easy
โ€“ Customizable Shortcuts
โ€“ Powerful Tool for Vim Fans

Tool Link:

VimiumThe Hackerโ€™s Browser

(3/10) Magical by @get_magical

โ€“ Automating what you repeatedly type
โ€“ Smart & Customizable Auto Text Expander
โ€“ Huge Time-Saver Tool if you work mostly on a Web Browser.

Tool Link:

Magical: Text Expander | The Smartest Way to Work on the Web

(4/10) ZoomIt by @Microsoft

First got to know about it via @shanselman

โ€“ Zoom Screen Easily
โ€“ Life Saver using presentations
โ€“ Has Annotation & Timer Facility too

Tool Link: ZoomIt

(5/10) AutoHotkey by @AutoHotkey

โ€“ Works similar to Magical but for the whole Windows.
โ€“ Can be used to speed up key press.

Got to know about this from @gauravkhuraana and have been using it since then.

Essential Tool for Bugathons

Tool Link:

(6/10) Grammarly by @Grammarly

โ€“ Helps me to reduce mistakes in English writing.
โ€“ Get Quick Synonyms

I always sanitize my documents with Grammarly before sharing them with others.

Tool Link:

(7/10) Pairwise Online Tool

โ€“ Generate Quick Pairs
โ€“ Share Test Data with Others Quickly
โ€“ Supports All Combination Generation too.

Tool Link:

(8/10) Bug Magnet Browser Extension

โ€“ Quick Test Data to expose bugs in Web Applications
โ€“ Quick Data for testing boundaries, limits, localization, etc.
โ€“ Must-have tool for every (web) tester.

Tool Link:

Bug Magnet: Exploratory Testing Helper

(9/10) Lightshot by @Light_shot

โ€“ Screenshot Tool
โ€“ Supports Annotation using Text, Pen, etc.
โ€“ Copy to clipboard facility available.

Tool Link:

Lightshot (screenshot tool)

(10/10) by @Bitly

โ€“ URL Shortner
โ€“ Remember URLs easily
โ€“ Analytics Support

Tool Link: Bitly | Custom URL Shortener

Other Suggested Tools:

  • Obsidian
  • Greenshot

I know there are many other beauties out there that are worth the attention of every tester ๐Ÿ™‚

Please help me by adding them to this list.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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