My 10 Fav Books on Software Testing

Originally posted as a Twitter thread here, Thought to preserve this as a blog post.

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There are a lot of interesting books on testing!

However, some have been really special for me and I often refer to them from time to time.

Here are the top 10 testing books from my collection.


1. Perfect Software & Other Illusions about Testing by @JerryWeinberg

– Common Testing Mistakes
– Reality on Software Testing
– How to break the illusions around testing.

Check Here:

Perfect SoftwareJames Bach says, “Read this book and get your head straight about testing. I consider Jerry (Weinberg) to be the greatest living tester.” Answers the questions that puzzle the most people: W…

2. Explore It by @testobsessed

Key Learnings:
– Tested = Checked + Explored
– Look for interesting variables to aid your testing
– Follow the Data

Also, The Moon Walking Bear Experiment.

Check Here:

3. Lessons Learned In Software Testing by @DrCemKaner@jamesmarcusbach@bpettichord

Key Learnings:
– Testing is applied epistemology
– Improve Reporting Skills
– Context is everything
– Don’t automate chaos, you will just get faster chaos.

Check Here:

4. 50+ Mistakes of Software Testing Career by @ajay184f

Key Learnings:
– Trust is a double-edged sword
– Take care of your health
– Communicate Well
– Failure is NOT a failure if you learn from it.

Check Here:

50+ mistakes of my software testing careerHow many mistakes have you made in your career? How many can you remember? Ajay Balamurugadas is trying to recollect most of his professional mistakes and hopes that someone else doesn’t repeat the sa…

5. 50+ Tips to Win Testing Contests by @ajay184f

Key Learnings:
– Network Well
– Use Auto Text Expander
– Report Well
– Use Tools Wisely (Know Shortcuts).

Check Here:

My Books(Free download)Click on the book title to download the book. Book 1: What If Book 2: 50+ tips to win testing contests Book 3: 50+ tips to improve te…

6. Buddha in Testing by @testertested

Key Learnings:
– Learn & Update Skills
– Automation is a service for testing
– Be cool like Dhoni
– Rest in Peace πŸ™‚

Check Here:

7.Β Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar byΒ @jamesmarcusbach

Key Lessons:
– Use Alteration in Tasks
– School is temporary, Education is NOT
– If you try to understand but fail, that’s progress.
– Anything we know is a gateway to what we can know.

Check here:

8. FailQonf Ebook by @the_test_tribe

Co-Author: @VaishaliDesarda

Key Lessons:
– Failing is also a part of the journey
– You can always rise like a phoenix from Ashes πŸ™‚
– Failure Resumes should also be celebrated.

Check Here:

9. The Complete Software Tester by @KristinJackvony

I have been reading this a lot recently.

It’s a collection for in-depth reading.

Great guide for any tester.

Check Here:

10. Introduction to General Systems Thinking by @JerryWeinberg

– Lot of Ideas on Systems Thinking.

– This book is a heavy read but a good one.

– Still some portions of this book are yet to be read by me but this book is class apart πŸ™‚

Check Here:

This was my list of 10 books.

I know there are a lot of other beauties too πŸ™‚

Please help me by adding them to this list.

3 thoughts on “My 10 Fav Books on Software Testing”

  1. There are some really interesting titles here! I’ve read some, but not all.

    While it’s not strictly a testing book, I found “Weinberg on Writing:The Fieldstone Method” to be invaluable as a tester. After all, a lot of the work products we produce are written communications, so spending time thinking about how we write can be useful.

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