My 10 Favourite Learning Resources on Testing :)

The industry is filled with so many learning resources on Testing & Automation but some really stand out.

Here you go!


(1/10) TestingEducation.Org Courses by @DrCemKaner and @jamesmarcusbach

Courses for FREE on:
– Testing Foundations
– Bug Advocacy
– Test Design
– Exploratory Testing


Testing Foundations“In this booklet, Rahul has put together a tantalizing glimpse of some of the content of Testing Foundations.” – James Marcus Bach. Supported By: The Test Tribe

(2/10) Test Automation University by @Applitools

Automation Testing Courses & Tracks available for:
– Web Automation
– Mobile Automation
– API Automation

On Languages:
– Java
– C#

And much more.

Test Automation University | Applitools

(3/10) API Testing Links by @armatearjun

Curated List of Learning Materials related to API Testing.

One place that you should bookmark if you are working on API Testing.

API Testing ALL Links curated » testwitharjun.comAPI Testing API Testing ALL Links curated in one place. API Testing ALL Links curated

(4/10) Testing Cheatsheet by @testobsessed

Ultimate Cheatsheet on testing that’s frequently used by me 🙂

– Attacks
– Testing Wisdom
– Heuristics
– Frameworks


(5/10) Common Software Errors by @DrCemKaner

Contains 300+ Common Software Errors that can occur in any application.

Old Bugs, However, it’s Pretty Useful if you know how to use this information wisely.


(6/10) Great Resources Compilation by @huibschoots

You think of any topic around software testing, and you will most likely find it here 🙂

Amazing Curation of Testing Resources.


(7/10) Test Insane Mindmaps by @testinsaneapps

Amazing Collection of Mindmaps on various topics around testing.

Want to make an idea on any popular concept in software testing? Check out here first 🙂


Software Testing MindMaps – Test Insane Software Testing ServicesMindmaps Repository is an initiative by Test Insane. This repository consists of mindmaps which are open source on various subjects of testing. Test ideas, test learning, test strategy and lotof other…

(8/10) Pathways by @katrinaclokie

Pathways with references available on:
– Testing for Non-Testers
– Mobile Testing, Security Testing
– API, Web Services & Microservices
– Continuous Delivery, etc.

Katrina the Tester

(9/10) Mickey & Minnie Stories by @LearnWithRaghav

Collection of Mickey & Minnie stories to learn and understand various automation terms and concepts easily. A good and recommended resource for beginners in the automation and/or testing industry

Mickey & Minnie Stories – Automation Step by StepSubscribe to get a new Story every week

(10/10) Execute Automation by @ExecuteAuto

Amazing tutorials on Test Automation with in-depth material.

I learned most of my automation skills from this channel 🙂

Thank you, sir 🙏

I know there are many other beauties out there that are worth the attention of every tester.

Help me by adding them to this list. Thanks!

For more such curations, you can follow @parwalrahul

Signing off 🙂 

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