Secret to Success In Testing: Not for Excusers

This is the secret to success.

Most people don’t practice testing outside their job.

Here are 7 things that’ll help you take your testing game to the next level:


1.聽Open Source Projects.

馃敻Pick any tool.
馃敻Test It
馃敻Report bugs | change requests

Will help build credibility + real time feedback.

One such project: @testsigmainc 

2.聽Testing Hackathons

馃敻Follow #testinghackathon on Social Media
馃敻Test your skills against others in real time.

Will help identify your weak areas + learn from others.

One community that does such free events: @the_test_tribe 

3.聽Exploratory Testing Sessions

馃敻Pick any app.
馃敻Test It
馃敻Record the session
馃敻Take notes
馃敻Share notes with app team.
馃敻Publish a video | text blog.

Will boost your networking as well as testing game. 

4.聽Testing Assistants

馃敻Identify any small need of yours. Could be personal too.
馃敻It could be really trivial too. Ex: Running few commands in sequence or clearing program state.
馃敻Create a small utility.

Use your own utility, test it, and improve it.聽

5.聽Testing Buddy

馃敻Find an accountability partner. Anyone interested can qualify.
馃敻Both test together. One can take note; One can control the app.
馃敻Switch Roles

Great hack to learn from others + practice collaboration skills. 

6.聽Volunteer in Communities.

馃敻Find an opportunity to volunteer.
馃敻Better do something that you have never done before.

Great hack to learn from natural ways + Give back to community. 

7.聽Testing Kit

馃敻Look for things that can help your job as a tester.
馃敻Consider even the tiniest of utils.
馃敻Add them on a notion page | webpage. Use it whenever you test.

Boosts productivity 馃殌馃殌聽

That’s a wrap!

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