Experience @ Testing Hackathon: ZenQuest 2021

Participated with my friend, Apoorva Ram (Senior Software Test Engineer @ Qapitol QA). Day # 1 10:00 AM IST: Intro Session Fun Games by Azhar Shams. Brief by ZenQ Team (It’s a nice company with a strong position in testing). Product Demo by 3 Product Teams: FireCamp MoneyHop Unifarm Introduction about The Test Tribe from Ashutosh Garg …

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Test to Sell!

Original Question that triggered this blog post:Ashutosh Garg in TTT Discord: Is testing or a part of testing also sales? “What are we testing for?” It is a fundamental question that helps us to explore the purpose behind our testing. For different stakeholders, there might be different purposes, some of which would be common, while the others would …

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Info about Info

Some Common Information related Questions that I see in Testing Community Forums (Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) on a regular basis: I need some information about <Tool/Technology/Company Name>, Can someone please help here? Does anyone has some information about <Tool/Technology/Company Name>? Can anyone help me on <Tool/Technology Name>? Anyone with experience in <Tool/Technology Name>? I know most people put …

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Consideration for Designing a Test Automation Framework

Some days back, In the Test Chat Community, we were discussing, “What should be the considerations for designing a Test Automation Framework?” Amuthan Sakthivel (Testing Mini Bytes) shared some nice points. I extended some of the points based on my experience with Automation Framework Development. So, Here is the summary of that entire discussion: Web View:

My 10 Favourite Learning Resources on Testing :)

The industry is filled with so many learning resources on Testing & Automation but some really stand out. Here you go! 🧵🧵  (1/10) TestingEducation.Org Courses by @DrCemKaner and @jamesmarcusbach Courses for FREE on:– Testing Foundations– Bug Advocacy– Test Design– Exploratory Testing URL: Testing Foundations“In this booklet, Rahul has put together a tantalizing glimpse of some of the content of Testing …

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